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Roulez carosse
Exposition : Roulez carrosses !

From 17th march to 10th November

From March 2012 to September 2013, live an exceptional event in discovering the first "Château de Versailles outside the walls" at the Arras Fine Arts Museum. Housed in the former Saint-Vaast Abbey, a monastery dated the eighteenth century, the museum is preparing to host one of the most prestigious national exhibitions in the coming year, dedicated to the horse carriages and other means of transport used at the French court from the 17th to 19th centuries. Sedan chairs, sleds, cars of the wedding of Napoleon and coach of the coronation of King Charles X will be brought together to give life to the first French exhibition dedicated to horse-drawn carriages. The exhibition will be completed by sculptures and paintings showing the use of means of transport at the French Court. All these artifacts will go out of the “château de Versailles” for the first time. “Roulez carrosse!” will open the partnership between Versailles and Arras.